Premade Oatmeal in a Jar

Oatmeal is one of my favorite breakfast foods.  I grew up having it with milk and sugar (and sometimes cinnamon), whereas my grandmother would have it with butter and pepper.  My oldest daughter is an oatmeal fiend!  Every morning she would ask for oatmeal, and since I’m working in my office when it’s breakfast time, and their dad is a zombie in the morning, it made it difficult to make it for her.  We did try out the instant oatmeal packets…no.  Just, no.  It’s too expensive for what you get, and the amount of sugars is so much higher than I would normally use for myself, let alone for my daughter.  And, frankly, there is a lot of waste packaging with those as well.

I came across websites showing what they called refrigerator oatmeal, where it’s already mixed with liquids and fruits in canning jars, and set in the fridge for when needed.  It was interesting, but my fridge has limited usable space.  So, when I seen THIS post from Attainable Sustainable, I figured that this was the BEST solution for us.

I picked up a flat of half-pint jars, and (once washed) added oats, honey, powdered milk, and cinnamon (using the Smidgen measuring spoon) to each jar.  In the morning, Lizzy (who will be 9 in 16 days!) uses the Keurig to measure out water in a 1 cup measuring cup that has a good pouring spout, and adds just enough water to the jar.  She then shakes it a couple times, and leaves it to sit on the counter while she uses the bathroom, gets dressed, or gets her hair brushed. 

She loves them.  Seriously, I wasn’t sure if she would like it.  It’s always a risk with kids, right?  But, she’s already begged for me to make more.  Her sister doesn’t like oatmeal, and eats her cereal dry most of the time.  I’m planning on jarring up some of the cereal for her since she keeps telling me it’s “a really good idea mom”.  In Lily-speak, that means she wants a jar too. 

I plan on trying to add some dried fruit to the oatmeal (and cereal) once I replace my dehydrator.  Perhaps some seeds or nuts as well.  My non-oatmeal eater WILL eat rice with milk and sugar, and asks for that a LOT.  I may try out a Minute rice in a jar, made like the oatmeal, and see how it goes.  IF that works out, I will make her some jars with rice.  Image

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