Today’s Project, completed

I buy groceries once every 2 weeks, which means if I forget something (or use it up), I’m going to be waiting on my next check to get it.  So, I forgot to pick up sugar last check, and my baking binge went through what I did have on hand. 

Well, that just means that I needed to find something else to occupy my time.  This year, I plan on cutting down on my stash of yarn.  I have quite a bit of it, from both my own purchases, and from my husband’s uncle’s destashing efforts.  I decided to make a hat.  I decided to do a knit hat, found a pattern through, and went to work on it.

Since I am a novice knitter, this took 2-3 days to complete, though IF I had actually sat and worked on it more than a few minute at a time, I think it would have been a one-day project.

Pattern: Nesaia