Hair Squiggles

My youngest Imagehas hair like mine: fine, slick, and has just enough body to get ropey looking after a long days play. A while back, I gave these little squiggles a shot.  The first time around, I did 2, one on each side of her head.  The result, after a night of sleep, was a head FULL of cute curls.  They were not really tight curls, but more loose.  She wanted to try more squiggles next time around.  I planned on doing four last night after her bath, but once I started, I didn’t quite get the proportions right, and the top was a lot thinner than the bottom would turn out to be.  So I did 6.

This was NOT a good idea.

The curls were just too tight for her hair.  I finger combed it all out, and sprayed it down with some water, but it was definitely a learning experience.  Next time…4 squiggles.  BUT, this looks fairly cute all up on her head.  So this will probably go into rotation during the Summer break.  I will, however, try to make them a bit “prettier” looking than they are in this picture.


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