Final: Plarn Market Bag


Success!  So my experiment with spun plarn is finished.  Just to go over it again, this market bag is made out of old grocery bags cut into circles, looped together into a long ribbon, then spun using a drop spindle (plarn=plastic yarn).  Then I just crocheted a simple mesh-style market bag using the plarn rather than yarn.  

My 9 year old loves it.  I have a funny feeling it’s getting stolen by her, since she’s already walked off with it.  It’s all good!


Grocery bags to twine or yarn


Like many people, we have a LOT of grocery bags sitting around at home.  I hate to throw them out, so I have a couple containers for them, but we collect them faster than they get used.  So when the bags were getting out of hand and my next step was to throw out some, I got the bright idea to cut them up and make plarn (plastic yarn) Continue reading