Grocery bags to twine or yarn


Like many people, we have a LOT of grocery bags sitting around at home.  I hate to throw them out, so I have a couple containers for them, but we collect them faster than they get used.  So when the bags were getting out of hand and my next step was to throw out some, I got the bright idea to cut them up and make plarn (plastic yarn)
with the help of my two girls and the husband, we straightened the bags out, stacked them, and cut them into strips.  This was probably over 6 months ago.  I had attempted a crocheted grocery bag but I didn’t like how it was turning out.  The plarn was bulky, so I needed to use a large hook, and the resulting fabric was messy looking.  So I set it all aside, and forgot about out. A couple days ago, I found the box it was in, and decided to rip it all out and try again. Then, I had the thought that the plarn would look nicer, and be cleaner looking if it was spun.  The joins in the plarn make my spinning wheel out of the question since it would just hang up on the flyer if nothing else.  I remembered I had a drop spindle, pulled it out, and gave it a try.  I was really happy at the yarn that resulted from the bit of twist I gave it.  It’s a bit stiff, like some twine I’d bought in the past, but a lot smoother to the tough.


Above it’s prior to spinning.  The plastic is a bit fragile, and just a bit of tension will break it.


Above is the same plastic, given a twist.  The cord it’s pretty sturdy now.  It also tends to hold the twist pretty well.  This plarn is approximately worsted-weight.  The ball I have so far (picture at the top) is a little more than half the strips I original made.  I think a simple mesh bag may be best for this.  It’s a bit heavy feeling, more so than an equivalently weighed wool or acrylic yarn would be, so it may not be a good fit for a bag.  My other thought was to make a mat for wiping the shoes of on.  I’m hoping the El Nino shows up and drenches southern California this winter.  In which case the mat would be most useful.


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