Time for Pie

Not too shabby, eh?

Not too shabby, eh?

Confession time: I’ve never made sweet potato pie before. Never. So, what do I do this year? Decide to make it using fresh sweet potatoes. Someone shoot me next time I decide to do something new, especially when I start working on it after midnight. First off, I go to peel the SP, and see the flesh is white. WTH? I KNOW I picked up SP, so off to Google I go, and find out, yep, there are white, orange, and purple varieties. Ok, fine, I’ll work with it (even if it LOOKS funny- and it’s a SP, not a yam, fyi). Ok, so I peeled the 2 SP, put them in the steamer, and let them steam till done. Once finished, I mashed them a bit, then covered and put them in the fridge for today (this was all at around 1 am). I also rolled out the pie dough, and ended up with 3 pie tins worth, one deep dish, and two regular ones. Those then went into the freezer, in the pie pans.
So, pulling out the pie pans, I went ahead and blind baked them today (yay for finding a stray bag o’ beans in the cupboard), and weighed the SP mash. I had 1 lb, 13.3 oz, so the hell with it, I count that as 2 lbs. The recipe I found was for 1 lb of SP, so, I doubled that. I put the SP in the Kitchen Aide, and let it beat a bit to further smooth the mash, and add the softened butter. Well, I SHOULD have warmed the SP. The butter stiffened up considerable in the mash, ugh. As I was letting the mixer go, I put together the dry ingredients in another bowl. Only THEN did I realize I totally forgot to double the butter. So, I nuked more butter, so it was melted, and hopefully would mix in better, and added to SP and butter mix in the mixing bowl and turned on to mix.
While that was running, I got all the dry ingredients together, added the milk and the eggs and did a bit of hand mixing on those. So, I look at the mixer, and the SP and butter mix is fluffy, I mean, Fluffy. I add the now wet mixture to it, and let it beat for a bit to incorporate. So now I have a fairly fluffy batter that looks nothing like what I think it should look like. At this time, I just say the hell with it, lets see how it comes out. I had the perfect amount of batter for the pie shells, surprisingly. Into the oven at 350F for about an hour, at which time I pull them out (after testing them with a knife), and ok, they look like pie, they smell good, and I figure I’ll try a slice later. Oh, and at this time, I notice I forgot the vanilla.
Well, 7 pm hits, Lily is asking what was for dessert, and I think, hey, why not. Consensus? They love it. They want another slice. It does taste good, the texture is still on the fluffy side, less solid than a pumpkin pie, but not bad at all.
I swear, I can bake! Holidays are when any baking or cooking skills seem to be hit or miss with me. So not cool. I do know where I messed up though, so next time around I will be good to go.

This was so good!

This was so good!


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