Quick and Easy Washcloth/Dishcloth pattern

ImageI have been on a crochet kick lately, mostly because I found out I had a LOT more worsted-weight cotton yarn that i thought I did.  I think it’s because of my aunt, who left some yarn here when she moved out, but in any case, it came at a time I really needed some new dishcloths, washcloths, and pot holders.  I did several corner-to-corner knitted cloths and several crocheted, origami-ish potholders in various sizes.  After all that, I ended up with a lot of small balls of yarn, in various colorways…none of which really went well with each other.  Now, after a few washes, it really won’t matter since the color does fade, but I still prefer them to look nice while making them, and for the period of time they are bright and fresh.

I read a few patterns similar to what I am now using, and made some adjustments to come up with a pattern I like.  The hanging loop is more integrated into the body of the cloth than my first attempt using another pattern.  I like this look better personally.  In the red, white, and blue cloth pictured above, I actually ran out of yarn about 3/4 the way through the row.  No biggie.  I left just enough to weave in.  No waste!

Using the Adjustable Ring (Magic Circle, whichever name you prefer), sc 14 times into the loop, and pull to snug up the sc’s.  Don’t pull too tightly.  You aren’t trying to close the ring completely, but you are wanting a nice, non-floppy ring. 

Row 1: Ch1, turn, sc into the next 3 sc’s, sc-ch2-sc in the next sc, sc into the next 3 sc’s.

Row 2: Ch1, turn, sc in the first 4 sc’s, sc-ch2-sc in the ch sp, sc in the last 3 sc’s.

Row 3 and beyond: sc in each sc until the ch sp.  Sc-ch2-sc in ch sp.  Sc in the remaining sc’s from previous row.

Keep going until you run out of yarn, or reach the desired size.